Astrology: The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs.
Curious about how your birthday affects your personality and relationships? Astrology can shed some light on aspects of yourself that you were always curious about - and aspects of others, too.
Your sun sign is easy enough - you just have to know your birthday! To find out your moon, rising, or venus sign, all you have to do is know your time of birth, and go here.







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I am not a professional astrologist, this is simply a hobby of mine. If you want to ask me questions about compatibility, keep in mind that your venus sign will be more accurate than your sun sign. Astrology will likely never be completely accurate; it's simply a fun, generalized way to see yourself and others.

- March 3 -

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A relationship between Aries and Pisces can be like watching a lamb tame a lion. Pisces is very gentle and tender, and Aries is brash and bold. However, Aries is also quite naive, and Pisces is incredibly psychologically advanced. They balance each other beautifully, with Aries using Pisces as a sanctuary from their everyday life of constant competition, and Pisces needing Aries’ blunt honesty and enthusiasm. This relationship, however, can easily go sour. Pisces is a giver, and Aries is more self-involved; they can easily find themselves taking advantage of their generous lover. Aries can also unintentionally bruise Pisces’ sensitive feelings.

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A pairing between Aries and Aquarius will never be boring. They’re both progressive and free-spirited people who take pride in their ability to be ahead of the curve. Aquarius is more oriented towards the community, while Aries will always be chasing after their own personal creativity. There is a lot of respect between these two and they share many ideals.

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- March 2 -

Aries and Capricorn are a bit of an odd pairing. They’re both very motivated, but for different reasons. Aries crusades for themselves and towards independence, whilst Capricorn follows a well-planned, sure-footed path to success. Aries loves excitement and a situation in which their impulsive, yet confident, approach to life can be used, while Capricorn prefers to work their magic on the DL. Aries can be a bit much for Capricorn, and Capricorn can feel like a wet blanket that dampens Aries’ enthusiasm. Nonetheless, if they really want to make the relationship work, Aries can infuse Capricorn with a bit of lightheartedness, and Capricorn can give direction to Aries’ boundless enthusiasm.

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