Astrology: The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs.
Curious about how your birthday affects your personality and relationships? Astrology can shed some light on aspects of yourself that you were always curious about - and aspects of others, too.
Your sun sign is easy enough - you just have to know your birthday! To find out your moon, rising, or venus sign, all you have to do is know your time of birth, and go here.







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I am not a professional astrologist, this is simply a hobby of mine. If you want to ask me questions about compatibility, keep in mind that your venus sign will be more accurate than your sun sign. Astrology will likely never be completely accurate; it's simply a fun, generalized way to see yourself and others.

- March 4 -

Anonymous said: How come you don't make graphics?

Not to insult other astrology blogs whatsoever, but I personally know that I don’t like reblogging graphics because they’re too loud for my other blog. I want to give my followers lots of information in a text post that isn’t as in-your-face to reblog. If you’re looking for an astrology blog that makes graphics, this is the wrong one to follow!


Anonymous said: How would a person with a Scorpio moon usually interest in someone?

I’m assuming you mean show interest in someone? Well, my ex-girlfriend had her moon in Scorpio, and when she was interested in me, she just told me she was in love with me. And she was very intense about it. Moon in Scorpio people want to posess you, and they want an emotional extreme from you. Quite often you won’t be able to resist because they have an amazing presence. However, as soon as the turbulence dies down, most of them want to move on to something else. Be careful with these people. They’re wonderful in many ways, but they can easily become emotionally promiscuous.

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Anonymous said: My sun sign is Sagittarius and my moon sign is Gemini. Considering they're polar opposites, does it mean anything?

Though they are opposites on the astrological wheel, they aren’t really too different in reality! They’re both freewheeling people who enjoy socializing and hate being tied down. So I’d say it just means you’re a whole lotta free spirit :)


- March 3 -

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